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Empowering Diversity

We place a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion, particularly in accelerating talents from under-represented and BIPOC communities, both within the UK and outside the UK. Our approach is rooted in creating opportunities and providing platforms that recognize and celebrate the unique contributions of these individuals in the workplace. This commitment was also showcased during our celebration of International Women's Day in 2024, where we featured a photo collage that spotlighted the incredible ladies of Join Momentum. This collage not only honored their contributions but also served as a powerful visual representation of our diverse workforce and the supportive community we nurture. Through such initiatives, we continue to foster an inclusive culture that actively supports and promotes a wide range of perspectives and experiences, driving innovation and enhancing our collective strength.

Our initiatives

Global Digital Internships

The internship offer graduates and job-seekers access to £5,000 scholarship program, for practical work experience, training, workplace coaching, and certifications. This program equips successful associates with essential skills and enhances their employability in the digital economy.

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Career Accelerator Placements

C.A.P program offers a dynamic pathway with 70% scholarship. Participants are "guaranteed" access to workplace coaching, practical work experience, and training in essential digital skills. This program is designed to boost participants' employability and prepare them for success in the modern workforce


"Proterns (professional interms)" program uniquely aligns business needs with experienced top-tier remote and flexible talents from both within and outside the UK. This initiative offers businesses access to a diverse talent pool without huge overheads, creating immense value and driving innovation through strategic staffing solutions.

Testimonials from our associates


Landed an international role

Embarking on an international career journey can be daunting, especially when transitioning from a non-tech background or seeking work experience/internship. Racha OuldBabaali, a determined individual from Algeria, envisioned an internship with an international company. Little did she know that her expectations would not only be met but gracefully surpassed. Join Momentum became more than a workplace; it became an empowering force. 💪 From the vibrant cultural diversity to the innovative projects. "If there is one word to describe my experience in Join Momentum, it will be empowering," she affirms. 💡 The company offers a unique environment where you're not just an employee but a crucial contributor to the shared pursuit of excellence.

Success Story  as a User researcher 

She once believed that getting into the tech industry was unattainable due to her lack of a technical background. Discover her journey to becoming a User Experience Researcher at Join Momentum. At Join Momentum, it's not just about the destination; it's about the journey. Gain hands-on experience and access to a personalized transformation roadmap, guiding you through clear milestones and program-specific tasks, ensuring your growth and career advancement. 


Got a dream job after Business Analyst (CAP) internship

Watch an inspiring story on how Stanley, who was formally a marketer but now works as a Business Analyst/Data Analyst at Tesco Bank, UK. And how he was able to generate traffic to his LinkedIn profile and his portfolio. If you're considering a transition to a tech career, seeking mentorship, or an immigrant aspiring for work experience, our Career Accelerator Program is tailor-made for you. We can't wait for you to start making waves in your tech careers.💡



Awards and recognition

Join Momentum shines bright as one of the UK's top 20 organizations, earning a prestigious nomination in the AXA Startup Angel Competition, presented by the Evening Standard in 2023. With innovation at its core, Join Momentum is revolutionizing the talent landscape with its forward-thinking approach. This recognition reaffirms its commitment to excellence and showcases its impact on the startup ecosystem. More details here

Join Momentum strides triumphantly as the undisputed champion of 'Best Digital Technology Learning Provider of the Year 2024', as acclaimed by SME News UK's distinguished panel of judges. Our relentless dedication to excellence propels us to new heights, shaping the next generation of digital trailblazers. Through bespoke talent offerings, we accelerate individuals' potential and forge dynamic partnerships with businesses, driving innovation and success.