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  • Are you seeking a job role in digital technology? You can start your dream job today, with coaching and certifications.

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  • Get fully sponsored up to £5,000 in Technology Work Experience, Certifications, Portfolio Development, Personalised Career Roadmap.

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  • Guarantee your trainee internship and job placement by covering 30% of the program cost, which is £1,499. We offer payment plans to make it easier for you.  

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  • Join our team of skilled professionals, supporting our client projects worldwide, all while enjoying the flexibility of remote work.

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Why consider Career Accelerator Placement Program?

Given the high volume of applications for fully sponsored global digital internships, securing a spot is not guaranteed. However, you can secure a work placement by enrolling in our Career Accelerator Placement program, with only 30% of the program tuition required; with additional benefits and flexible payment plans.

Guaranteed placement anytime; no cohorts.

Enjoy guaranteed placement at any time, with no need to wait for cohorts; unlike Global Digital Internships which is cohort-based.

CV Re-Branding (Done For You)

Full-service CV Rebranding, where our experts take the lead, crafting a standout resume tailored to your strengths and aspirations.

Flexible payment options to choose from

Explore convenient and flexible payment options; select the one that best aligns with your financial preferences and circumstances.

Plus, everything else in Global Digital Internships up to £5,000.

Hands-on Experience

Take on real-world, practical learning through immersion in our venture studio projects, enabling skill application in a professional setting over 6 months.

Personalised Roadmap

Access Personalised Transformation Roadmap with clear milestones and program-specific tasks to guide your journey towards personal growth and career advancement.

Training & Certifications

Gain access to a wide array of certification courses spanning various disciplines, with coaching & mentoring support through Skills Pathway App. with thousands of training programs.

Personal Work Email

Get a secure, personalized work email and access to Microsoft 365 tools, enhancing team collaboration, productivity and training capabilities.

Elevate Your Portfolio

Showcase and enhance your online presence by appearing on our Lunch & Learn Podcast, broadcasted every Thursday across multiple platforms.

Digital Natives Community

Gain access to peer networking, exclusive meetups, and boost your confidence by moderating or facilitating discussions.

Testimonial (CAP)

Watch an inspiring story on how Stanley, who was formally a marketer, now works as a Business Analyst/Data Analyst at Tesco Bank, UK. And how he was able to generate traffic to his LinkedIn profile and his portfolio 😍

How does the 30% self-sponsorship payment work?

Step 1

Choose a suitable payment plan. Please see the flexible options below to setup your payment plan.

Step 2

Complete the Career Accelerator Placement Enrollment Form. You can select your desired tech career role.

Step 3

Once you complete payment and enrollment, our hiring team will schedule your remote job interview.

Step 4

Upon a successful interview, we will make you an offer and arrange your onboarding schedule to resume.

Flexible Payment Plan Options Available

One time payment - £1,499

Enroll in the Career Accelerator Placement Program with a single payment of just £1499. Click below to finalize your enrollment.

Click To Pay One Time

Three Installment Payments- £499.67

Secure your spot in the Career Accelerator Placement program with three convenient installment payments of £499.67 each,

Click To Setup Payments

Four Installment Payments - £374.75

Lock in your enrollment for Career Accelerator Placement program with four easy installment payments of just £374.75 each.

Click To Setup Payments

Six Installment Payments - £249.83

Choose our most flexible payment plan to enroll in the Career Accelerator Placement program with six convenient installments of only £249.83 each.

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Career Accelerator Programs @ Join Momentum

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